Advanced Body Treatments $90-$125

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SEAWEED BODY WRAP - (One hour 15 minutes) $100
Based on Thalassotherapy, this luxurious body treatment came from Europe’s most exclusive Seaside Spas. This treatment’s purpose is to purify and detoxify your body. You will relax for 20 minutes while the restorative ingredients work their wonders.

A body exfoliant based on marine salts infused with hydrating and moisture binding seaweed and olive oil. It helps to rid the skin of dry dead cells accumulated as a result of sun exposure, travel or aging. This Sea Salt Treatment will provide you with silky smooth skin which will leave you refreshed and energized.

DEAD SEA MUD THERAPY - (One hour 15 minutes) $90
Authentic mud from the Dead Sea enriched with minerals is applied all over the body to replace lost minerals and nourish the skin. Rest in cozy warmth of a blanket and get a massage with grape seed oil after the shower.

 BODY POLISH WITH HONEY AND ALMOND SCRUB - (One hour 15 minutes) $125
After steam room that opens your pores and softens the top layer of your skin, enjoy a twenty minute all over body scrub to gently exfoliate dead cells. Complete with a 30 minute Aromatherapy massage.